Why Your Business Needs ISI Inverters

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Normally, the power needed to supply the electrical needs of public buildings is available around the clock. However, in emergency situations such as a power outages, fire, or power fluctuations, the power could be lost. In these situations, electrical back-up systems, also known as inverters, are needed. Inverter Systems, Inc (ISI) provides a full line of UL 924 listed inverters. Inverters automatically monitor the incoming power to the building and react when power is lost. They will supply electricity to the lighting and power loads required by the National Electrical Code and the Life Safety Code’s egress requirements.

The inverter systems are made up of a set of DC batteries and electronics that can convert the DC power from the batteries into an AC power source needed for the emergency lighting loads. While normal AC power or utility is present, the inverter is in the standby mode. During standby, the batteries are being charged as needed and AC power is supplied through the inverter from the utility to power the emergency lighting loads that are normally on. Emergency inverter systems will provide at least 90 minutes of egress lighting as required by code.

ISI inverters quietly monitor the incoming power, ready to light the way to safety for the public. Of the alternatives, inverters are the greenest choice for emergency lighting. There is no exhaust from fossil fueled engines, and the number of batteries is minimal when compared to the dozens to hundreds of emergency wall packs they replace.