Encelium’s Somfy Shade Integration Simplifies Lighting Management

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Encelium System Integrations have enabled the connectivity of HVAC, security, fire, and AV systems to their lighting control networks. Now, thanks to a partnership between Encelium and Somfy, automated window shades can be synced with a lighting control network for even more finite lighting control.

Perfect for large offices, health care facilities, educational institutions, and even home use, the Somfy Shade Integration from Encelium enables consistent lighting throughout the day- lowering energy consumption and increasing occupant comfort by automatically balancing light levels. Reduced glare on computer screens, cool spaces, and increased privacy are just some of the possibilities for this integration.

For fixtures with tunable white abilities, light color temperatures can be adjusted at real time for a consistent color temperature. Paired with Somfy’s ultra quiet Sonesse Ultra 50 motors, window shade positions can adjust automatically to energy-saving presets without disruption.

This highly customizable system is built with scalability in mind. Encelium X, controlled through Encelium’s Polaris system, allows digital control of the space, and can be easily expanded. Local control through mounted touchscreens and wallstations can be accomplished with the tap of a button. For building managers, presets can be built, data can be monitored, and adjustments can be made remotely through Encelium’s Polaris system.

Special thanks to Gary Meshburg from Encelium and Andy Rittenhouse from Somfy for images and support.