Emulate True Tungsten Dimming with CantoUSA’s LED Retrofit Kit

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CantoUSA’s RETRO line includes direct replacement units that are designed to work with older dimming systems including: SCR, TRIAC, and IGBT systems, and are also compatible with newer dimming systems. The RETRO units are available in various base types, wattages, and use patented technology to allow the fixture to smoothly dim to 0 with no stepping or stuttering. The RETRO’s energy efficient LED light engine is designed to retrofit directly into existing fixtures, recessed or pendant style.

The RETRO line is offered in a range from 150W to 1000W tungsten equivalent LED replacement. Installation is as simple as changing a light bulb. The 1000W LED light engine delivers more light than most 1000W incandescent bulbs it replaces, with only a 90 watt load.

Applications include auditoriums, houses of worship, arenas, lobbies, museums, educational facilities, convention centers, and concert halls. RETRO is available in Edison (E-26), Mini Candelabra (E11), Par 64 style ring/Bare Wire, HPL style, and custom base type options.

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