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    Firefly Lighting is an innovative line of products produced by the entertainment production and staging company TMB. The line of premium decorative systems is from Australia, and works perfectly for Marquee, seasonal and exterior entertainment space lighting.

  • Festoon from Firefly Lighting combines the classic look and feel of Marquee and festoon lights, with durable construction. The Festoon Lights are available in 4 different white bulb options (two of which are frosted, two are open “filament”), as well as 6 color bulb options (Red, blue, yellow, pink, green and orange).

  • The bulbs illuminate with an LED light source, allowing for long-lasting lighting and lower maintenance costs.

  • Fairy Lights from Firefly are a high-quality string and icicle system. Unlike traditional fairy lights, these are durable, high quality lights that are break resistance and long-lasting. They’re ideal for both portable display use as well as long-term instillation. The system is available in both golden white and cool white, and runs on a 24V DC System.

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